Saddle Accessories

What’s a saddle without the right stirrup leathers and irons, girth, pad, bridles, and (of course) the perfect cleaners and conditioners to keep your saddle in pristine condition? Luckily, we provide everything you need to complete your look and to keep your gear in top shape for life.

PLEASE NOTE: This page does not include all available items, so please contact us by phone or email to see if we have what you’re looking for. To place an order, send us a message with what you would like and we’ll happily ship it out.

leather cleaners

Leder Combi:  is the perfect product for wiping the sweat and dust off your tack after every use to prevent premature wear. 500mL bottle

Lotion Bars: As a saddler my hands are constantly wrecked. My husband lovingly calls them “lizard hands” and my kids sometimes ask me not to touch them. That was until my friend started making me these lotion bars with beeswax and vitamin E. They are unscented and all natural for sensitive skin, have nothing that will harm your leather if you put it on right before handling all your tack (important for me!), and they keep my hands moisturized. No more blistered, cracked, peeling skin for me!

Leder Balsam: is our favorite leather conditioner product; it protects and moisturizes leather with weekly use. 500mL jar.

Passier Traditional style saddle soap for English leather care.

Higher Standards: A wonderful, gentle leather cleaning solid soap available in a range of scents including citrus ginger, lavender vanilla, and rosemary mint.

saddle pads

Ideal Grip Saddle Pads:
The famous grip pad is back, now made by Ideal Saddlery and meeting our strict quality standards. These pads help prevent the saddle from moving around, and the thin foam layer provides the perfect level of extra padding for all horses without increasing bulk under the panel. Long lasting cotton material is easy to clean, and comes in many shapes and colors.

WOW Supercool: saddle pads are made from a 3D spacer fabric which can literally keep a layer of air between your saddle and your horse. The space the fabric provides allows sweat to wick away from your horse and evaporate, keeping your horse dry.  The fabric is easily cleaned under a hose, and dries in under ten minutes most days in our dry Colorado climate! It also has antibacterial properties.

Toklat T3 Shim Half Pad: An all-in-one thin profile half pad with Pro-Impact protection and felt shims for adjusting saddle fit as needed for addressing muscle development asymmetry or other saddle fit issues.

Ideal Shimmable Grip Pads: Same amazing grip pads, but with six shim pockets; front, middle, and back on each side. A fantastic solution for shimming without adding a bulky half pad!

Classic III Pad from Toklat with real sheepskin, available in a wide range of colors, in dressage, all-purpose, and cross-country shapes and sizes.

Toklat T3 Matrix Competition Pads with real sheepskin and full length technical inserts to absorb up to 90% of the energy transferred between horse and rider. Designed with non-slip fabric, these pads are extremely lightweight, breathable, and are ergonomically designed for horse and rider communication.

dressage girths

Adam Ellis Anatomic: A great shaped girth for horses that do not need a massively forward cut anatomic girth, made of finest English leather and available in three colors

Prestige Anatomical Girth provides shoulder relief and improved saddle stability for horses with a forward girth groove.

Prestige Short Shaped: A short, narrow channeled girth with some elastic

Jeffries Premium Shaped Girth: A high quality leather girth with equalizer elastic to keep pressure distributed evenly

long girths

Adam Ellis GP: Made of highest quality English leather and shaped for comfort and increased stability on horses with a forward girth groove

Jeffries Padded Long Girth: Made of the finest quality English Bridle leather. Rounded and sealed edges protect the fibres from the elements and sweat, as well as ensuring comfort for the horse. Stained and sealed, the leather is then buffed and polished to a fine sheen ready for stitching. Stress points are always double hand-stitched with hand-waxed thread, ensuring security and strength.


Jeffries Comfort Bridle: Designed to fit based on the anatomy of the individual horse through its unique bilateral three ring adjustment system – this means the bridle will find the most natural place to sit on your horse/pony’s head decreasing pressure on the sensitive areas. The hinge brow band and noseband fit around the shape of the skull making it stable while retaining the look of a conventional bridle. All points in contact with the horse have been padded and all fittings allow bilateral adjustment for maximum comfort. The Connect bridle is designed to give your horse the best possible experience of wearing a FEI approved competition legal bridle.

Adam Ellis Comfort Bridle: A handcrafted bridle made of the finest English leathers, available to order to match your saddle.