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Our physical shop is by-appointment, and you can call us at 303-859-2368 or email to set up a time to stop in for shopping or repairs.

We carry a wide variety of girths and stirrup leathers, stirrups, leather care products, and a selection of schooling and show saddle pads including grip pads, shim pads, and Super Cool pads. We also carry locally-made skincare products from Enlightened Bee.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Reflocking
  • Rebalancing
  • Billet Replacement
  • Bridle and rein repair
  • Knee pad repairs


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If you already own a saddle and need it checked and/or adjusted, then you are looking for a saddle check. Saddle checks typically take half an hour, but can take longer.

The first step is to contact us and get scheduled by filling out a form.  Your mileage cost will be split by everyone seen in a day, so it is advantageous to get everyone in your barn checked at the same time.

Upon arrival, a back exam and template will be done and kept on file for objectively tracking changes over time.

If you have a WOW saddle that needs to be rebalanced, we can remove the old silicone plugs, hook up the Flair tubes, and re-adjust the Flair while you ride. Once everyone is happy with the balance, new silicone is installed, all screws are tightened, and you are good to go.

If you have wool panels that need adjusting, your saddle will be taken back to the shop.  As soon as it is completed you will be able to come pick it up, or we can arrange to ship it back.

We recommend that all saddles, regardless of flocking material, be checked at least every six months. Horses change frequently, and we want to make sure their saddles are always as comfortable as possible!

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To schedule a fitting, first you either call us at 303-859-2368,  send an email to, or complete this form. The fitting form gives us all the relevant information we need about you, your horse, current saddle(s), price range, and preferences, and is also a very useful tool on our end for staying organized and mapping out appointments that are geographically near one another to save everyone money. Unlike some retailers, Singing Cat Saddlery charges mileage and fitting fees, which can be applied towards the purchase of a new saddle. By charging appropriately for our time, we can give you an honest fitting with no sales pressure AND keep our saddle prices lower.

Sometimes, we may ask for pictures of your horse. Other times, we may take them when we arrive. Pictures are always taken on a level surface, in good lighting, with the horse standing as square as possible. Ideally there are pictures of each side of the horse plus one taken from the croup, as demonstrated below.

Dawn Britnell demonstrating how to take a picture down the back of a lovely Donnerhall daughter

On the day of your appointment, your horse should be groomed and ready to be tacked at the scheduled starting time. First fittings can take up to three hours, so starting promptly helps everyone. We will start by greeting your horse and taking some notes on his or her appearance. Then, we will perform a back exam and make a template. Templates offer us an objective way to measure changes in musculature over time, making them a valuable tool in assessing a horse’s development. They also make it easy to spot asymmetries, and monitor how they change over time with different saddle adjustments or exercise programs.

Hope’s Templates, switching from a wool panel to a Flair panel and gradually increasing workload

After that, we will try on saddles and check the ten saddle fitting points to weed out any saddles that will not work for your horse.  If a WOW saddle is one of our options, we may use the saddle gauge to help determine the build.

Saddle Gauge

Once your saddles are selected and your WOW demo saddle is built, finally, you will mount your horse and start to ride!  This is where it is up to you to tell us what you like or dislike about each saddle, and where we pay attention to your horse’s reactions to each saddle to help you determine what saddles work best in motion for him or her.  Jumpers are encouraged to try the saddles over fences, including cross country if easily available. For endurance riders we can sometimes do short trials on the local trails so you can see how the saddle performs on steep terrain.

On the WOW saddles, the first ten to fifteen minutes Amy will call you in to the center for air adjustments, and once you are both happy with the balance you will be allowed to play with the saddle as much as you would like. If there are multiple seats and/or flaps you want to try, they can easily be switched out at this point without having to readjust the Flair.

DMK with and without calf support

At the end there is an opportunity for feedback, discussion, and questions. If you decide to order a custom saddle, we will help you custom build exactly what you want and fifty percent is due to place your order, and the rest is due when your saddle arrives.  Part of the fitting fee is waived if you purchase a new saddle, and you receive discounted saddle checks for the life of the saddle.

Ideal Integra Hunter Saddle Ready for Delivery