Jumping Saddles

Hunter? Jumper? Cross-country? Stadium? All of the above? If you jump, then you know how important saddle fit and comfort are for both you and your horse’s performance. We’ve got a great variety of excellent jumping saddles to choose from. Explore the whole page or use the shortcut links to skip ahead.

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Adam ellis


The Botham Jump is designed to offer a light weight saddle for the professional and competitive show jumping and hunter jumper riders. Its sleek, close contact design ensures the best positioning for the rider, while knee and thigh rolls offer just enough security on the forward cut flap. Wool panel with seam-free gussets and no pressure points for a great fit for the horse.


The Jupia seats are designed for the more competitive rider, designed to ensure that the closest of contact with the horse, promoting feel between horse and rider. It has a forward cut flap and soft padded knee thigh rolls.


The Chloe is a forward cut, close contact jumping saddle that promotes a centered seat and a close, secure position. It fits our broader backed horses with withers well without interfering with their shoulder movement.


Integra Eventer

The Integra Eventer saddle comes with a wool flocked panel for the higher withered horses and has been acclaimed by many competitors. It is light weight and gives a close contact feel for the rider. Utilizing new methods of construction, this saddle has been developed to enhance the movement of the horse and the control for the rider. The Integra MkII is also available in a Twinflap version with short billets.

Integra Hunter

The Integra Hunter is everything we love about the Integra Eventer- great fit for a horse that is traditionally hard to fit, forward flap, close contact feel- in a package fit for the pickiest hunter/jumper rider.  High quality British leather, soft knee and calf rolls cover supportive blocks, and a wool panel make this an incredible saddle at an incredible price.

Prestige Italia


The X-Meredith saddle developed in collaboration with award-winning female rider champion Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum.  It guarantees better close contact and at the same time better comfort since it is even softer in the seat. It is recommended for those who prefer sitting in the rear part of the saddle and who want a narrow twist. The anatomically shaped panels guarantee maximum freedom of movement for the trapezium muscles. This saddle is perfect for horses with normal or small withers and with a high back.


The Versailles offers an optimum twist, narrow and close to the horse, to guarantee comfort and a sensation of close contact. The panels are thin and integrated the under flaps.


The Passion is a close contact saddle, calfskin covered saddle with a medium-narrow twist. The medium depth seat is grippy and soft, with a traditional fancy stitched look.


The large oval hole in the center of the seat makes the X-Breath more comfortable, taking pressure off the coccyx, and provides ventilation for both horse and rider. The leather version provides has holes and openings on the flaps and under flaps that lighten the saddle. A very lightweight saddle for those who do not want to forsake comfort for performance.


The Roma jump has a modern look and provides a deep and narrow twist that helps riders, even inexperienced ones, to develop a correct position. The knee pads are designed to keep the rider close to the horse. The anatomically shaped panels guarantee maximum freedom of movement for the trapezius muscles. It is the ideal entry level saddle.


The Competitor series offers a wide range of seat and flap styles. Several popular configurations are shown here. To check out even more options available from WOW, visit our WOW Saddles page.


DMK Show Jumping Dual Flap: The forward cut flap has a movable under flap calf block and stirrup leather slit. The flap is cut straight behind the rider’s leg. Available with flat, cross country, shallow or continental seats. It offers a very close contact feel to the horse, preferred by many experienced show jumpers.

Shallow Seat

The Shallow Seat has a round shallow cantle with belly to give support and aid position but gives enough room to slide back or over the cantle when jumping. It can be paired with any flap, and with over 600 different configurations can be designed to fit any horse and rider combination.

Flat Seat

The Flat Seat has a square cantle and no belly. This allows the rider to sit further back in the seat when necessary as it lacks the support at the sides of the seat. It can be paired with any flap, and with over 600 different configurations can be designed to fit any horse and rider combination.


The Classique Jumping has a flat seat with square cantle and a very narrow twist. The seat is designed to allow for a more forward position favored by show jumpers. The knee rolls are really supportive and comfortable and there is a small thigh velcro block for added security. Very popular starter saddle as it is also quite adjustable and balanced.

Keith bryan


The Skycrest features Keith Bryan’s signature felted Swiss panels, which distribute rider pressure over a greater surface area for improved horse comfort and saddle stability.