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The catalog and gallery links on the right represent only a small sampling of the WOW range of saddles. Please go to the official Wow Products Page to see all the available options! If you would like to try something that we do not have in stock, we can often make those arrangements.

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[av_catalogue_item title=’Competitor ‘ price=” id=’422’ link=” target=” disabled=”]
The highest end WOW! saddle, the Competitor is completely modular, allowing you to exchange the seat, panels, and flaps as well as changing flap angles. You can use the same saddle for dressage and jumping with a simple flap change! Available with seven seat types, wool, foam,or air flocked panels, and with dozens of different flap styles including baroque and Australian! Exact price depends on seat, panel, and flap selection. Go to the WOW! catalog to see all your options!


[av_catalogue_item title=’Edge Dressage’ price=” id=’423′ link=” target=” disabled=”]
The Edge Dressage has a deep seat and high block that allows the pelvis to be dropped back slightly, making it the preferred saddle of many male riders. The Edge series still has the exchangeable head plates and panels, but you cannot exchange flaps. Available with wool flocked, foam, or flair panels.
[av_catalogue_item title=’Edge Classic Jumping’ price=” id=’424′ link=” target=” disabled=”]
The Classic is a forward saddle with a movable block, perfect for jumpers and hunters. It has exchangeable panels and head plates, but the flaps cannot be changed. Available with foam, wool, or flair panels.
[av_catalogue_item title=’Edge Showjumper’ price=” id=’690′ link=” target=” disabled=”]
The Edge Showjumper is a traditional close contact dual flap saddle with short girthing.   The pommel is narrow for a forward seat, with a groove and hidden stirrup leather keeper to minimize bulk under the leg.

[av_catalogue_item title=’Classique Dressage’ price=” id=’425′ link=” target=” disabled=”]
The Classique Dressage has a two piece block for firm leg support in the front of the flap and an extra deep seat. The panel is wool or flair, and the panels and flaps are not exchangeable but the head plates are.
[av_catalogue_item title=’Classique Jumping’ price=” id=’429′ link=” target=” disabled=”]
The Classique Jumping is a forward saddle with a flat seat and supportive knee rolls, and a small velcro thigh block. The panel is wool or flair, and the panels and flaps are not exchangeable but the head plates are.
[av_catalogue_item title=’Head Plates’ price=” id=’431′ link=” target=” disabled=”]
Head plates range in size from -1V to 9U, fitting everything from the most shark-finned Thoroughbred to the widest Draft.

Headplates from -1 to 9

[av_catalogue_item title=’Korrector Pad’ price=” id=’443′ link=” target=” disabled=”]
The Korrector uses air in four large foam-lined bladders to adjust saddle fit for too wide or unbalanced saddles, allowing unrestricted movement across the back and shoulder muscles for the horse. The volume of air in each bladder can be adjusted simply from the saddle to raise or lower the saddle front to back or side to side. This pad is a great tool for correcting asymmetries or helping adjust saddle fit while a horse is building muscle, as unlike a traditional shim pad it can be adjusted minutely and frequently.