Dressage Saddles

From casual Dressage dabblers to the highest levels of competition, we’ve got saddles to make your time “Dressaging” more comfortable and effective. Browse this page for our selection of top brands and styles, or skip directly to the brand you want to see using these shortcut links.

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Adam ellis


Beautiful, classically designed dressage saddle with a deep seat and large knee roll to promote correct rider position.  The Avanti has a triple padded seat and is available with calfskin flaps for those who prefer a “broken in” feel.  It is a wool flocked, dual flap saddle designed to maximize shoulder movement and avoid pressure points on the horse.


The Kemlyn is Adam Ellis’ best seller world-wide for good reason; it is designed for the serious dressage rider, to promote communication and center the balance of the rider. It is available as a mono-flap or dual flap, with a variety of tree and panel shapes to fit most horses. The Kemlyn Cob is a particularly nice option for the more rotund equids.


The Style is specifically built with high-withered horses in mind, offering them freedom of shoulder movement and avoiding pressure points. It has a beautiful, classic design that helps the rider stay balanced and ensures equal weight distribution for horse comfort and rider stability. Wool flocked, available as a dual flap or mono flap.

New Olympus

New in 2019, the New Olympus has soft integrated knee rolls and available calfskin cover for added luxurious feel. The carefully designed seat helps position the rider correctly.



The Olivia features a medium twist and seat, with a broad cantle and monoflap. It fits a more developed dressage horse frame, and allows for a closer contact feel for the rider.


The Suzannah is “A serious saddle for the serious rider.” We offer this saddle in a couple tree shapes to fit many horse types due to its popularity! A deep, balanced seat with a well-angled, supportive block allow the rider to find their center of balance easily.

Prestige Italia

The X-D2 K is a very comfortable monoflap saddle offers a close contact feel. The rear of the seat is significantly larger than a traditional dressage saddle, and has two padded, enlarged membranes that help keep you centered in the saddle. The front girth straps are elastic, while the rear ones determine the balance of the saddle. The panels are shaved in the front to give the most freedom to the shoulders. The panels are wider along their entire length to distribute the weight of the rider more evenly. The three withers sizes fit all horses.

Developed in collaboration with German champion Helen Langehanenberg, the X-Helen has a deep seat with a forward, narrow twist to keep the rider’s balance at the front and very close to the horse. Anatomically shaped panels guarantee freedom of movement for the trapezius muscles. Soft, comfortable seat.

A classic dressage saddle suited for both beginners and experienced riders, the Roma has a soft, deep seat with anatomically shaped knee pads. It allows for a close contact feel to the horse.

The X-D1 offers a narrow, deep twist and deap seat to keep the rider’s balance to the front of the saddle. It fits short, muscular horses outstandingly well, thanks to the tree and panel design, and offers both a close contact feel and massive shoulder freedom for the horse. Available as a monoflap (K) or dual flap.

The X-Breath dressage has a large oval opening in the center of the seat to both increase air circulation for the horse’s spine, and relieve pressure on the rider’s coccyx. The hole is covered with a special ultra elastic 3D material that increases the comfort of the seat, and creates a lighter saddle as well. A super combination of modern technology and classic design for both horse and rider!

A wonderful saddle for petite adults and juniors, the Lucky guarantees an excellent seat position. Soft hide provides a sticky grip, and the narrow twist allows for closer contact while riding. The velcro front blocks can be adjusted to the ideal angle for riders with and leg length.


The WOW Competitor Series offers a wide range of flap styles from zero block to large movable blocks on a monoflap. They are by far the most adjustable saddles on the market, with over 600 different configurations. Check out our WOW Saddles section to learn more about what makes these saddles so special.

The Extra Deep seat has a very high round cantle with belly to give a deep supportive seat, and a super narrow twist that can be augmented with padding at the stirrup bars. Very close contact to the horse, with a pressure-point free carbon fiber tree.

The Classique Dressage has an extra deep seat with a very narrow twist, great for novice and experienced riders alike looking for a supportive saddle. A monoflap with multiple billeting options, 22 head plate sizes, and Flair or wool panels, it can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of horses.

The Deep seat has a high, broad round cantle and allows for a very centered and stable position. The twist is incredibly narrow. Very close contact to the horse, with a pressure-point free carbon fiber tree.