Singing Cat Saddlery is now Saddle Connection

We have changed our name and moved to Larkspur, Colorado. We are still proud to be your full service saddle shop where you will find a wide selection of top brands including Prestige Italy, Adam Ellis, Ideal Saddlery, Keith Bryan, and WOW from First Thought Equine.

To contact Saddle Connection call Lisa at (720) 203-0853 or email You can explore the Saddle Connection website with the link below.


When it comes to comfort and performance, a properly fitting saddle is key. Regular check ups and repairs extend the lifespan and improve the safety of your saddle. We are pleased to offer everything you need for the life of your saddle: Initial fittings, regular fit and safety checks, reflocking, repairs, and sales of accessories including girths, saddle pads, and high-end leather cleaning supplies.

New Saddle fittings

Ready to shop for your newest saddle? Congratulations! We know saddle shopping is sometimes difficult and we strive to make the experience as easy and fun as possible.

saddle fitting notes:

In order to provide you with a no-pressure sales experience, and to provide you with saddles at the best possible prices, we charge travel and fitting fees which can be credited towards the purchase of a new saddle.

We may request pictures of your horse before your fitting. Pictures should be taken on a level surface, with good lighting, with your horse standing as square as possible. You should include one picture from each side and one taken from the croup, facing the horse’s head.

Please help us maximize your time by having your horse groomed and ready prior to our scheduled arrival. After a back exam and template, we will do our “saddle parade” to see what saddles fit the horse before you have the opportunity to ride in as many saddles as possible. If you work with a trainer, they should be available to watch your ride after the first hour of your appointment.

Fittings typically take two hours, so please plan accordingly.

Templates serve as an objective measurement of a horse’s development over time

Dawn Britnell demonstrating how to take a picture down the back of a lovely Donnerhall daughter

The view from the croup we are ultimately looking for

Saddle Checks

Horses change shape throughout the year and over the course of their lifetime. We recommend saddles be checked at least every six months to ensure the proper fit as your horse gains or loses conditioning and the saddle wears with normal use.


Saddle checks usually take about 45 minutes, but can run longer.

Saddle checks include a back template and exam, which are kept on file to monitor ongoing changes to your horse’s shape and condition. We then look at each saddle used on that horse and, if needed, will make recommendations to improve the fit for horse and/or rider.

As with fittings, we charge a saddle check fee and barn call fee, so it’s always great to combine trips to your barn with a friend (or several).


Meet our team of saddle fitting professionals.

Lisa Nelson purchased Singing Cat Saddlery from Amy Feineman in 2021 when Amy and her family moved to Europe. Lisa and Amy both apprenticed with Master Saddle Fitter Beverly Harrison and have similar backgrounds making it a smooth transition for clients.

More information about Lisa can be found on the Saddle Connection website.


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